The Hedman Method™


The Hedman Method™ microblading and micropigmentation treatments combine comprehensive facial analysis with art to create a customized and natural looking solution designed to enhance and bring out your best features without changing the integrity of your face.


Our team is passionate about making you feel not only more beautiful, but more confident. We work closely with over sixty medical doctors who refer us their patients to restore eyebrows after suffering hair loss due to cancer, alopecia, thyroid disorders, accidents etc. We help breast cancer survivors restore their confidence by creating realistic looking areolas after a mastectomy.


Our clients trust our ‘less is more” approach to create sophisticated enhancements that are in harmony with their looks and personalities. We are grateful to be trusted by the medical community as well as many models and celebrities.



The Hedman Method™ is minimally invasive, inserting top grade micropigmentation pigments into the upper layers of the skin. The result is a long-lasting illusion of sculpted brows, softly pigmented lips and fuller lashes. We also create amazingly realistic looking 3D areolas for breast cancer survivors.

The pigments fade in a gradual, natural way allowing you to change your look as your face and preferences change. Annual touch ups are recommended for maintenance.

Nearly any healthy adult not pregnant or nursing can benefit from Hedman Method Microblading Treatment.


Let us highlight your best features and give your confidence and natural beauty a boost.

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