Johanna is incredibly talented! Pictures of her work simply don’t do it justice! I contacted her 2 weeks after a botched microblading job. (I had done my research, but unfortunately the company looked better on social media.) (Always be weary of companies that don’t have YELP reviews.)
When I text Johanna she had just landed in Brazil and she called me from the airport. (which that on its own is unheard-of) She is one of the nicest and most humble people you will ever meet. She explained everything and put me at ease, she had me wait a few more weeks till I was completely healed in order to setup an appointment to go see her.
I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am with the result. (Once healed I will post a before and after.) All I can tell you is she worked magic on me.

If you are looking for natural looking results, don’t hesitate and contact her! YOU won’t be disappointed!
Thank you Johanna, you not only restored my botched eyebrows, but my faith that good hearted people still exist!

– Gabriela


As a health professional, I find it hard to recommend something that can be considered “just an aesthetic procedure” when I understand quite well the risks involved. However, meeting Johanna Hedman has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. She is not just a board-certified permanent cosmetic specialist, but also has accumulated many years of experience and training. Her professionalism and medical-related standards are top quality and I don’t hesitate to refer anyone to her special permanent makeup technique, The Hedman Method.

– Marta


I have no words to describe how grateful I am to Johanna for all her help and support. About 1 month ago I tattooed my eyebrows with another person and they turned out HORRIBLE. After crying for three days straight I called Hedman Method and spoke to Johanna about how I could fade them and whether fixing my eyebrows was even possible. She was very kind and understanding and explained what I needed to do. She answered all my questions clearly and her advise really calmed me down (I was borderline hysterical). I waited a month and when the ink had faded I contacted her again and made an appointment.
I honestly did not think anyone would be able to fix the mess my eyebrows had become, but what Johanna did was nothing short of a miracle. She measured and drew my brows around what the previous person had done, and showed me the color she would use on my skin so I could see how it would look. She patiently explained the whole process to me, made sure I was comfortable, and once she began it was all practically painless.
I am so happy with my new eyebrows, but most of all, I am immensely grateful for her help. If you live in Miami (and even if you don’t) and are thinking about getting permanent makeup, Johanna is definitely the best choice.

– Laire


Johanna is a consummate permanent makeup professional who saved my brows and gave me the natural look I was aiming for. I used to have very thick brows up until the past 5 years due to the natural aging process and hormone fluctuations.  My brows became very light in color and sparse.  I would spend 15-20 minutes alone every morning trying to fill them in without looking as if I penciled them in.  It was so frustrating that one day I just broke down crying, I knew I needed to do something because I did not have the time or patience to deal my brows everyday.  

The reason I chose Ms. Hedman is due to her training and certifications.  Upon researching her method and training, I learned she immersed herself for 2 years training with the leading Microblading Makeup Masters in Europe and Brazil perfecting her craft and is a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional. Her clinic is in a gorgeous, white upscale office with a soothing atmosphere.  Johanna creates a 3D feathering effect with tiny blades using pigment to mimic eyebrow hairs. She takes her time with you and answers any questions or concerns you may have and works with you to create the perfect shaped brows. The result is unbelievable, looking exactly like your natural brow hairs!!  love having brows again and more importantly, they do not look like they are tattooed on.

Please ladies, do your due diligence when it comes to your face and make sure you go to a reputable, certified makeup professional… There are so many non-certified people in Miami performing permanent makeup who took only a one weekend course in micro blading claiming to be a professional. They will ruin your face…

Do yourself a favor and put your face in the hands of a professional who has perfected brows, Johanna Hedman.  She is exceptional!  Thank you Johanna for my beautiful brows

– Tatiana


Not only is Johanna an amazing artist, but she is beyond professional and sweet! Johanna went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my results and was comfortable throughout the process. She was great at answering all of my questions and explained each step thoroughly. I am obsessed with my new brows and the best part is, they look so natural! I am very picky with my eyebrows and I must say, she is the very best. I recommend 100%

– Judith


Johanna is an amazing eyebrow artist!!! I was looking for a place to get my eyebrows done and am new to the area. I found her on Yelp and thoroughly stalked her yelp & instagram photos, which all show how great and detailed her work is.  She is sweet and understanding and very patient, since I’m sure everyone has a kajillion questions about how their precious eyebrows will turn out. She takes her time with you and makes you feel at ease with everything before proceeding. After she is done and you look in the mirror, your eyebrows look amazing!!  They do fade a little in a few weeks, so be sure to do the one-month follow up. Johanna asked if there was anything I did or did not like or wanted to change–  I prefer my brows a little more angled, which I told her and she was able to do, and now I like them even more than before. Every morning is so much easier now that I have fantastic eyebrows every day. Thank you Johanna!! 🙂

– Karen


I’m extremely happy about my result after the microblading treatment! Johanna explained and answered all my concerns before the procedure. First, I went for the initial consultation, she sat me down & listen to my concerns before anything else which is the kind of service you don’t get it elsewhere. During the procedure, she careful measure n ask for my approval before she started the procedure. Love the service!!!

– Turly


I was curious about microblading my eyebrows and possibly doing a permanent eyeliner in Miami, so I started doing my research.  I wanted to be sure I was going to the best microblading specialist around because this is my face we were dealing with! When I came across the Hedman Method Microblading Clinic and took a look at all of her before and after photos on her Facebook page of the beautiful work she has done, I knew Johanna was a true artist (not to mention a Board Certified Microblading Specialist – WOW!)!  I quickly made my appointments for my brows and eyeliner enhancement.  Which by the way, appointments with Johanna are super easy to make and she even has occasional convenient evening hours!  Having my treatments with Johanna was like a visit to the spa.  She makes you feel so comfortable and is so kind and caring listening to all of your questions and concerns.  Now that all is said and done, I literally receive about 3 compliments a day on my brows and eyeliner.  Everyone wants to know how they are so perfect and where I have them done.  I look better in photos, my make-up routine is 10x’s easier, and I feel so much more confident having absolutely perfect and totally NATURAL looking eyebrows and eyeliner.  Johanna is a true professional, an artist, a cosmetic genius and really nice person to top it off!

– Robin


My experience with Johanna was more than amazing.
I was looking for a place to microblade my eyebrows (I have a big amount of eyebrows but not a defined shape, I was looking for fullness and defined shape) and after doing research on the web for several days I decided to visit her.

I made my appointment on her web page which by the way is very organized and easy to understand, confirmation sent to me with detailed address, time, and recommendations for my first appointment. Starting from there the experience was incredible.

I walked into her studio and she personally welcomed me by the door.

She interviewed me on how exactly I wanted my eyebrows to look and what idea I had in mind, afterwards she carefully measured both eyebrows and drew them so we could discuss together if I liked the shape. She started the treatment explaining step by step. We finished and I loved the shape and the fullness. BTW Johanna was always open to suggestions and listening to my point of view.

1 month after I returned for my touch up session, also amazing. We reinforced the shape and some strokes. The day after the touch up session I was in the mirror and something in the shape was making me uncomfortable. I contacted her and she was ALWAYS AVAILABLE to answer my text message, she received me the day after immediately and we decided together that the best thing to do was let them heal and then decide what to do.

I week after I was still not comfortable with something and she received me AGAIN to make me feel better, but not only she received me again it was late and she was supposed to finish her appointments and go home but she received me after hours. She measured my eyebrows carefully again and microbladed the parts were we felt I needed more strokes. I need to say the shape was perfectly fine but I AM a perfectionist, and she still went beyond that to make me comfortable.

She always follows up to see how the eyebrows are healing by sending a text.  The cleanness of her place is completely AMAZING, everything is sterilized and makes sure to clean after each person leaves.

If Yelp would have 6 stars I would give her that because she deserves that for going far and beyond to meet every clients expectation.

So happy with the result, I would recommend her with my eyes closed 🙂

– Fernanda


Had eyebrow microblading done today at Hedman Clinic in Miami. Very pleased with results! Johanna is a true professional. The clinic is beautiful and very clean, the ambiance is calm, and Johanna takes the time to answer all questions and allay any anxiety or concerns. Importantly, the intake form is thorough and she reviews it with the client, as well as what type of outcome the client expects. There is artistry and precision with her work. Great stuff!

– Linda


Johanna is a real artist! She sculpt the brows shape and color to fit just your face and skin. My brows became so beautiful and no one can ever imagine they aren’t 100 % real. Many thanks to Johanna for her excellent work.

– Carina


When I first arrived at the clinic I was impressed with the cleanliness and décor. It was really pretty, white and modern and the walls were full of diplomas and certifications. Johanna greeted me right away and we talked about what I wanted and expected from my new eyebrows. I showed her some photos I got off her webpage and what I liked about them. She listened to me and took her time explaining the process and what to expect. She then got to work with her measuring tools and penciled in the area to microblade. She took into account my face shape/size, and what would look most beautiful on me and checked in to make sure I liked the shape and color.
The pain factor itself during the actual microblading wasn’t too bad even though I had opted out of the numbing cream. Although she did stop a couple times to give me a break and to ask me what I thought so far. I couldn’t believe that she was able to fix the asymmetry I had! She truly has a natural talent for customizing what looks best. Trust me when I say I did a ton of research on microblading and saw some pretty scary results before going to Johanna’s clinic. What impressed me the most was her many beautiful and natural looking before and after pictures, her extensive experience and that she was board certified.
After we finished I was told she could tweak my symmetry even further at my follow up. I was told it is better to add more strokes later, which makes sense and I appreciated.
I am so happy with my new brows! They healed beautifully and the color match is really good. I love how it makes my face more youthful and pretty. I now wake up to great looking eyebrows and don’t have to do anything to them! I even went surfing last month. Being able to get out of the water after a few hours in the surf and not feeling like a wet dog is priceless!! This was totally worth the price and I feel confident recommending her to family and friends!

– Angie


Johanna is amazing, i love love love her work, will definitely be coming back. She was very professional in explaining everything before and as we went along. Most importantly she made me feel very comfortable at how picky I was being about the shape of my brows, which if you were drawing them everyday like myself, it can be obsessive. We took about an hour just drawing and getting the shape right but it makes all the difference once you see the finished result so clean and perfect. I am not totally healed yet so I haven’t seen the true color but Im confident it’s going to look really natural just judging by the blade strokes. It definitely hurts and anyone who has a sensitivity to pain should really consider that, if you can’t stand waxing this isn’t for you. Johanna made me as comfortable as possible, adding numbing cream when she saw me wincing but it’s only the first few that are painful and then it becomes more tolerable. Small price to pay in less than an hour for about a year of not having to meticulously draw brows. We’re women, we’re crazy, we can handle a blade to the face if we look fierce after.

– See


I had my first microblading job done on my eyebrows with Johanna.  I can’t describe how great my eyebrows look now.  They frame my face perfectly!  My eyebrows look natural and perfect.  Johanna has a great beside manner, the office is soothing and comfortable.  I can’t wait for my touch up in January.

– Lisa


I am absolutely blown away with how amazing my eyebrows look!!  Johanna is an extremely talented professional who took the time to thoroughly explain the microblading process step by step and answer any questions or concerns I had along the way.  Her attention to detail in designing the perfect brow for my face has far exceeded my expectations. After the initial session I thought the results were incredible.  I just went for my 4-6 week follow up to fine tune my brows and somehow Johanna was able to improve on perfection.  I will 100% be coming back to Johanna for Hedman Method microblading treatments in the future!

– Kristin


Since I learned about microdermablading I was serious about doing my research and today I am so happy to share that finding the Hedman Method was the best choice. Ms. Johana Hedman is as professional and knowledgeable in her field and that makes you feel at ease. The procedure was painless and the natural results amazing. I have received so many compliments since the first day I got my eyebrows done and that is always a plus.

– Maria


If you’ve been thinking about getting your eyebrows done and are searching for the best spot – look no further! Johanna is so professional and very talented. She listens to your requests and maps the most perfect shape for your features. Looks NATURAL! I’m so happy I went to see her! Now I don’t have to waist time creating “the perfect eyebrow makeup” for the day – it’s awesome!

– Emilie


A true artist.  From the moment you step into her beautiful office space, you know you’re in good hands.  Being a cosmetic procedure virgin, I was extremely nervous.  Johanna explained the entire process from start to finish and I just knew in my gut I could trust her.  She spent so much time creating the brow shape that when she finally showed it to me, all I could say was, “It’s perfect.”  Everything was completely sterile and the end result couldn’t have been more natural.  Highly recommend.

– Dawn


I am so incredibly impressed with Johanna’s work.  I have been searching for the perfect microblade artist for the past year and I am very happy I chose her.  The experience is a little more painful than I expected but it is worth it.  Johanna takes her time and uses numbing creams to help with any discomfort.  Being naturally blonde, I’ve never had much for brows.  I was hesitant because I didn’t want them to look too dark and contrast with my natural color.  They are unbelievable!  The color is perfect on me.  The office is very clean.  The process takes a couple hours but if you bring a friend or spouse there are a million shops and restaurants within walking distance to kill the time.  I want my lips next!

– Kelley


Absolutely LOVE the results! Thanks to Johanna’s meticulous work, I’ve officially said good bye to uneven brows/patches. Waking up with perfect, natural looking eyebrows not only saves me time, but gives me peace of mind. They look just as good after a party, workout or a hectic day in the office – perfect for an active lifestyle! Johanna is professional, caring and explained the procedure every step of the way. Being able to see what the end result would look like before actually starting made me feel very comfortable. Her clean, beautiful studio is the icing on the cake. I would highly recommend Johanna to anyone looking to do microblading!

– Karoline


My experience at Hedman Method surpassed my high expectations for 2 reasons. First, the results were amazing. It is so natural that my family and friends did not even noticed what I have done, but at the same time they compliment my eyebrows. Second, Ms Hedman is very sweet, she makes you feel relaxed and you don’t even feel any pain. I highly recommend everybody to do it. We sometimes spend more on clothes or unnecessary things, and this treatment is really life changing, it makes us feel beautiful and more confident. However, our face is a very delicate area to tattoo and we have to make sure we choose the best person to do it. I highly recommend Ms Hedman.

– Mayrin


Johanna is just amazing!!!! 
1- I got my appointment right away. As soon as I walked she greeted me and was super nice.
2- She doesn’t perform anything without explaining every step of the process which made me feel more comfortable and safer … I mean we’re talking about my face so trust me I looked around for a long time before I trusted someone to touch it 
3- Results are above and beyond my expectations. As she explained that she uses microblading technic for my eyebrow embroidery (I have to admit I don’t understand the technicalities but she takes so much time to explain everything that I just felt I was in the right hands ), the results look so natural.
4- the second day it started getting darker and I freaked out and called her. She took her time and very nicely explained that it was normal and that would take about a week to look completely good. After 5 days, my eyebrows were just perfect!!!! I finally get back my thick eyebrows that have been thinning because of many consecutive bad eyebrow “professional” depilations.

– Yasmina


Ms. Hedman is amazing. Her semi-permanent makeup is applied with precision, talent, experience, patience with a beautiful smile.
When she did my brows it was as if each hair she gave me looked like a single, natural hair. The placement of each brow was perfectly suited for the shape of my face. She listened intently to my requests and explained what she was doing every step of the way.
She is an engaging woman with a great sense of humor and a natural conversationalist. She puts you right at ease. No one has ever given me such beautiful brows.
As a matter of fact I asked her to do my eyeliner, too because after she gave me perfect brows, I knew she would do the same excellent job. I was right. Perfect eyeliner, too.

– Leslie


After doing research for over 8 months, I selected Johanna (Hedman Method) for my eyebrows.  I cannot recommend her enough!! My eyebrows look amazing and most important of all, they look natural.  You simply cannot tell that I have done the treatment, simply, my eyebrows are full, shaped perfectly for my eyes/face and have given me a younger fuller look! I am forever addicted to Johanna and her magical hands!! Bonus that Johanna is a pleasure to be with and is kind and very informative!!! I highly highly recommend anyone who is tired of plucking, penciling and attempting to fix mother nature’s aging process.  My eyebrows look beyond amazing!

– Liz


I am absolutely amazed by the way Johanna could transform my eyebrows. I had no major issues with my eyebrows before, but she lift them in a way that made my face get a better symmetry. I am so happy with the results! I was surprised that it actually didn’t hurt much at all. If you want to get microblading or semi permanent eyebrow embroidery Johanna is the best and she is one of the only board certified permanent makeup artists in Miami.



I had an appointment with Johanna last Saturday, April 9, 2016.  I had very little eyebrows and my friend suggested “eyebrow embroidery.”  (Years ago I did eyebrow tattooing and it was very unnatural.)  I went to “google” and found Hedman Method.  I was very nervous, but when Johanna walked around the corner to greet me, I knew I was in good hands.  Johanna is so beautiful, professional, & talented.  She is such a caring & compassionate woman!  I now have beautiful eyebrows!  Immediately after my procedure, family members, friends & co workers could not pinpoint what was different about my looks, but kept telling me how good I looked. My follow up with Johanna is in five weeks, but I don’t think there is anything to “touch up,”  ~ they look awesome!  I am so happy!!!  Johanna has “inherited” me!!!  Thank you Johanna Hedman Barreira!!!

– Lori


I was introduced to Johanna by my Weston HCG doctor and I thank her for it!  Not only did she do a fantastic job with my shapeless eyebrows, but she was gentle and very meticulous!  Thanks for the new look, Johanna!  Now I am ready for the permanent eyeliner job!!

– Letty


I have been doing my eyebrows for 20 years and I have never that the amazing results that I got with micro-blading!  The eyebrows look super natural and the shape is perfect! Johanna is amazing. I recommend her 100%



Love my new eyebrows! Johanna is such an artist! Super professional, sweet and caring! Have to admit that the idea of something even semi permanent was a bit scary but once we started I felt totally comfortable and the result was amazing – I had two beautiful arches! Definitely going back for other treatments.

– Elena


I came to Johanna because I noticed that my eyebrows aren’t as full as they used to be when I was younger, and I wanted that younger, fuller look again.  I never considered permanent makeup.  But then I heard Johanna had developed this method, and that clients are coming to her from Europe to have this done, so I decided to take a chance.   What impressed me the most about my session with Johanna was her meticulousness and attention to hygiene.  Before starting, she spent a long time marking my brows with brow liner to make sure I was comfortable with the shape.  I felt very comfortable giving her my opinion, and she seemed sincerely concerned about my approval of the look before she started the procedure. We tweaked the final shape a couple of times before she got started.

I have to say that the procedure was somewhat uncomfortable at the beginning, but I felt very reassured by Johanna.  I’ve had everything on my body either waxed and lasered, so the discomfort wasn’t unlike anything I had experienced before.  After she applied the secondary anesthesia, I really didn’t feel a thing.  The procedure felt somewhat like a facial, and the chair and table and soft music give the room that feel.  It was relaxing, if anything.  

So – the results:   Initially my eyebrows were a bit dark for me, for the first two to three days, but I felt completely comfortable going to work and being out. After about a week the darkness faded and my eyebrows looked really great. It has now been about 3 months and my eyebrows look so natural I honestly can’t tell you what my real brow hair is and what was done by Johanna.  It’s interesting how people perceive me as well – I know I look more attractive with such a small difference.  

I was so pleased with the look of my eyebrows that I then decided to go back and have my lips done! The lips enhancement was a bit more uncomfortable than the eyebrows, but Johanna kept reapplying the anesthesia.   They were definitely RED and BIG for the first 3 days.  Because of this, I would definitely recommend having them done at a time where you don’t need to be in public for a couple of days. Despite the discomfort, I LOVE MY LIPS!!  It was absolutely worth it, I am so ecstatic about how they look!   My husband really, really likes my lips too, and I think and I smile more because I am so thrilled with how they came out.  Before I didn’t wear lipstick because I didn’t like the shape of my lips. Now I can actually wear lipstick when I want a bolder look. It’s my little secret when people tell me that I’m a natural beauty.  I highly recommend Johanna because I truly think her method delivers incredible results.  Thank you so much!

– Carolyn


Got my eyebrows microbladed a year ago by Johanna and just had my annual touch up. I love my eyebrows and I am so happy I decided to try microblading after being referred here by my dermatologist. The customer service and artistry is top notch. It is definitely the best place for microblading in Miami.

– Carola


I should have done this years ago. I have to say Johanna  is amazing. I looked at many places to have this procedure done, I mean is it my face . I was referred to many spas, people who do it at home, I looked at many pictures online and took a while to decide. The reason I picked this place was the before and after pictures, the immaculate and sterile enviorment in which she has her facility and the great reviews. 
The reviews fell short, the customer service, Johanna:’s personal care and how she explained everything while she was doing it. How she started slow and stopped to show me so I can tell her what i.liked. she took.her time the procedure was not  uncomfortable as I imagined it might have been, actually not bad at all. I loved everything about my experience with Johanna. I love my eyebrows. After years of filling them in I can now just get up and go.  Thanks again, so happy with the new look.

– Teresa


Getting my eyebrows microblading by Joanna was absolutely a fantastic decision! I was concerned about my eyebrows being too thin and the shape being weird so I consulted with her and after time and energy to get the perfect shape and even penciling it in to let me wear the shape around and make sure it was beautiful I got the microblading done. She has a fantastic technique and she’s a perfectionist! So I could trust her with my face. My eyebrows look beautiful and natural they don’t look too dark or made up. I’m so happy with my results I can’t even put it into words thank you so much! And on top of having beautiful results of all my other friends that I know have done microblading my results are by far the best! She’s out of this world.

– Lissette


I highly recommend Johanna if you’re considering microblading!! I have very light brows that I have been dying for years. Johanna made my life that much easier by taking a whole step out of my beauty routine. She is truly skilled at what she does and the shape came out perfect and symmetrical.

– Kait


Johanna is the best for microblading!! From the beginning I knew I was in great hands. She spends so much time going over every detail to make sure you are very comfortable and certain of the shape and color of your brows. She was very professional, detailed and more importantly ..very sanitary. Thank you so much for helping me achieve the perfect eyebrows 🙂

– Elise


Joanna at Hedman method is an eyebrow goddess! She is so warm, passionate and truly talented. My eyebrows look fantastic, simply Instagram picture perfect. My shape is so well defined and the permanent make up looks so natural that no one can even guess I had anything done. I am so glad I found her and would not dream of going anywhere else in Miami. The healing time only took a couple days, I was afraid I would have to take time off work and hide, but no such thing. Thank you so much for everything xo!

– Yulia


Johanna was amazing !!   I was very pleased to get an appointment very quickly with Johanna. She is very accommodating as to day and time that is convenient for you.  The office is very central, easy to find, and offers valet parking.  She explained each step of the eyebrow microblading procedure and allowed plenty of time for question and answer.  Johanna is a true artist and is very meticulous with each step of the microblading.  The procedure itself is not painful at all.  Final product was spectacular.  No swelling, little to no redness and my eyebrows already look great (day two).  I highly recommend the Hedman Method and Johanna Hedman.  Next will be permanent eyeliner!!

– Letty


Really happy with this!!! My eyebrows look amazing now, i get so many great compliments, love it! I was also very satisfied with the way it was done and i must say i really liked the clean, nice and very proffesional treatment! Plus great location, very clean, easy to park and find!

– Lucy